just another clown kicking around melbourne town

scaring the populace

quod erat demonstrandum
20 November
Melbourne, Australia
the hideously outdated gallery :D
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University of Melbourne - Melbourne VIC AU (2003 present)
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-ish, 11th division, 1x2, akatsuki, anbu, angst, anime, art, artificial intelligence, asimov, aziraphale, battle royale, blackpool, bleach thug love, books, candy, cats, chang wufei, chocolate, cj cherryh, crowley, daleks, dancing randomly, david tennant, death note, dorothy catalonia, doujin, drawing, elfwood, endless waltz, evil overlording, fanart, fanfic, fantasy, finity's end, fire, fitzchivalry, fma, fool angst, fractals, frolicking, go, good omens, gw, holy potato of awesome, ikkaku, intelligent humor, invader zim, jrock, kenpachi, kyuubinaru, last exile, lemons, lynn flewelling, manga, meese, mercedes lackey, miso soup, mocking sasuke, monty python's flying circus, mr.hell show, music!, narusasu, neil gaiman, ninja, ominae yu, painting with watercolors, paul mcdermott, procrastination, pyromania, rabid squirrels, ravens, reading, renji, robin hobb, rock music, satan's best china, saturn, scanlations, science fiction, shikamaru, singing aloud, sketching, sleep, spriggan, starwars, suicidal bunnies, sushi, tae kwon do, tea!, teaparties in hell, terry pratchett, the dresden dolls, the fool, the nightrunner series, v, v for, writing, yachiru, yondaime, zelazny
Existence: Twenty years in.
Current occupation: Studying how to (ultimately) create robots to do her evil bidding (and also programming).
Identifying features: Red curly hair and a tendency to kick people.
Wanted for: Impersonating an innocent, mangling computer code, and inflicting bad puns and/or engineering/mathematical/obscure jokes upon the unsuspecting masses. Also flagrantly warps the minds of close associatates.
Bounty will be paid for capture alive.

Warning; this journal contains disjointed ramblings on fictional and non-fictional people, which may be disturbing taken out of context. Or in context. Just, you know. Generally disturbing and all.